The Brelo Trial

WHERE: The Justice Center, Lakeside Entrance/Steps

WHEN: Monday & Tuesday, May 4th and 5th, 10am to 12 noon both days

The City Wants Calm and Peace

If the city wants calm and peace, convict Officer Brelo on at least the manslaughter charge. It is the right thing to do. If the 137 shot tragedy is not a crime with Brelo standing on the hood shooting 49 times into the car, the people will have a very serious problem.

After over 4,000 cases of police misconduct, harassment, intimidation, excessive use of force, including deadly force, were found justified, it’s time for a conviction. Many of us in the city of Cleveland are tired of slaps on the wrists and no real justice.

We are asking for thousands of people to come out and join us on the steps of the Justice Center. We will be there with the families of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, the Tamir Rice family including his mother, Tanisha Anderson’s family, on behalf of Brandon Jones, on behalf of John Hedebrand, on behalf of Freddie Gray, on behalf of the family of Michael Davis who was killed by a retired military police officer, and on behalf of many others who have suffered at the hands of excessive/deadly force by some police officers. We are inviting all victims of police harassment, intimidation, being pulled over for driving while Black, beaten up by police.

We need to break the chains of police brutality and stop those officers who feel they have the authority to break the law.