Several exciting events — see below


TO: Producers/Editors/Reporters
WHERE: Outside of the Euclid Library, 631 East 222 Street, Euclid, Ohio
WHEN: Wednesday, 9.27.17, 6:45 pm


WHERE: BBCI, 15415 Kipling Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
WHEN: Thursday, 9.28.17, 4 pm
RE: Meeting regarding Consent Decree


WHERE: Free Stamp, East Ninth and Lakeside, Cleveland, Ohio
WHEN: Sunday, 10.1.17, 4 pm
RE: Meeting regarding Consent Decree

On Wednesday, today, there is a special Black on Black Crime Inc. meeting. We will be at the Euclid Public Library, 631 East 222 Street, outside at the tank, because Black People and other minorities, as well as, poor whites are under attack by Law Enforcement in the City of Euclid. After the murder and attack on unarmed civilians, this is a good place to start our week long kickoff to deal with this subject. We invite Dr. Richard Montgomery, Cassandra McDonald, Black Lives Matter, Indivisible CLE, ICRM, and Laura Cowan and everyone to be a part of this discussion-
Then on Thursday, at 4 pm, at 15415 Kipling Avenue, the US Dept. of Justice representative, Earl Saunders, is stopping by to answer questions from the community about the Consent Decree. Mr. Saunders is seeking feedback on implementation process of the Consent Decree and ideas from the community on how the process can be improved to involve more of the citizenry. I’m looking forward to you all getting together with Mr. Saunders since BBCI has such a great deal to offer.
Please come by to see the Black on Black Crime Inc./Survivors Victims of Tragedy/Black Man Army/Man to Man headquarters, which is being renovated, to see if you would like to hold your event or service there. There will be church services beginning on 10.1.17, at 11 am at 15415 Kipling.
Finally there will be a response to the President this Sunday, October 1, 2107, from 11-11:30 am, at the Free Stamp on East Ninth and Lakeside, where we will gather to show our support of the entire NFL on the subject of why the knee was really taken which was and is in response to racism, bigotry, discrimination and police brutality!
If you have any questions, please call Judy Martin at 990.0679, Al Porter, Jr. at 804.462 or Art McKoy at 253.4070.

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