Sunday, 10.1.17, 11 am — Stand Together Against Bigotry, Discrimination, Racial Injustice, Police Brutality/Murder


TO: Producers/Editors/Reporters
WHERE: East Ninth & Lakeside (by the Free Stamp)
WHEN: Sunday, 10.1.17, 11 am
RE: Stand Together Against Bigotry, Discrimination, Racial Injustice, Police Brutality/Murder

Hell with you. Being a senior has allowed me to witness many things. Greetings from Art McKoy. Thank you for letting me share this message with you. It is not often that I communicate with you, however, make no mistake about it, I love my social media family from the bottom of my heart and I hear you loud and clear. Let me share this important information with you.
Being a senior citizen has allowed me to witness many things. However, in all my years in Cleveland, never have I witnessed Cleveland’s sports figures, athletes take such a conscientious stand on an action as when they took a knee against injustice and racism during the national anthem. The anthem is supposed to stand for justice and equality and those principles have been egregiously violated too many times, especially during the last year.
It took courage for those Browns’ players to take a knee and take a stand. Almost always in the past these highly paid athletes stayed silent in actions and word. Maybe just a social media comment or hash tag once in a while. This time, they took action.
The Browns’ players showed their courage and love for the community. Now, we will show support to them. Come stand with us. Kneel with us as we, the community, show our support. We will have a peaceful protest on Sunday, 10.1.17, beginning at 11 am.
Meet us at Ninth & Lakeside near the Free Stamp. Come early for parking. We are taking our protest to the national level. Thanks to those courageous Browns’ players. Thanks to those who served in the military. We invite you to join us.
If you have any questions, please call Judy Martin at 990.0679, Al Porter, Jr. at 804.7462 or Art McKoy at 253.4070.

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