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Last legislative update, we let you know about four bad gun bills in the House State Government committee that were up sponsor testimony in one day: HBs 20, 35, 48, 152. We attended the hearings in person and found out that State Rep. Ron Maag, chairman of the House State Government Committee, was planning on combining provisions of these bad gun bills, and creating an omnibus bill to pass out of his committee this summer. True to his word, Maag scheduled a second hearing last week on a “guns everywhere” bill (HB 48) and a bill that would allow hidden loaded guns to be left in cars in our school safety zones (HB 152).
What’s a second hearing? Bills that are going to advance have at least three hearings in the Ohio Legislature with sponsor, proponent, and opponent testimony. The first hearing is “sponsor testimony,” where the elected official(s) sponsoring the bill present their testimony to the committee the bill where the bill is being heard. The second hearing, as it was last week, is typically “proponent testimony.” (In the case of bad guns bills, if you are attending a hearing, you have the joy of hearing gun lobby misinformation presented as fact.) When “opponent testimony” is scheduled on these bad bills, we’ll be there to help amplify your voice, and speak the truth about what these bills would mean for Ohio.
Maag is giving good gun bills a fair chance too, right?! Unfortunately, no! That’s why we’re collecting signatures to stop the advancement of these irresponsible gun bills and give common sense regulations, like universal background chance their due. Hundreds of Ohioans have signed on to this petition, but our records don’t show that you haven’t yet. Add your name here.
Thanks for caring about Ohio,
Jennifer Thorne
Executive Director, OCAGV
Legislative Update 5.19.15

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