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WHERE: 10306 West Chester, Cleveland, Ohio
WHEN: Monday, 8.24.15, 7 pm
RE: Candlelight Vigil for Brionna Boddy (20)
Brionna, Brionna – why did you have to die? Brionna, Brionna – why did some fool kill you senselessly?
You were just an innocent bystander curious about a sports bus. Before you could even check the bus out, the shots were fired. You were killed and two other people injured.
Brionna, in your name, we cry out to stop the violence and protect our women and children. Brionna, we cry out that your senseless death will be the catalyst that will anger our community enough to get serious, real serious, about stopping the killing fields on our streets. Too many of our family are dying and we are outraged, but the outrage, frustration and devastation have truly taken us over the top.
We are urging everyone to join the Stop the Violence Movement by participating and joining us. Come out of your homes and into the streets for the Stop the Violence Movement.
All lives matter. Black lives matter. Brown lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.
Come and join us as we meet with family and friends of Brionna Boddy to remember her life that was cut short by ignorance and cowardice.

If you have any questions, please call Judy Martin at 990.0679(c) or Art McKoy at 253.4070(c).


8.23.15, 3 pm. A Mother Scorned /Justice for My Son Tamir Rice. Tamir E. Rice was born June 25, 2002, in Cleveland, Ohio. For a mother that day means so much; you finally get to meet that child you carried in your belly for nine months. All the morning sickness, doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, being picked and probed just to make sure that your child is healthy when they enter into this world–caring for a child that has yet to enter your world.
Samaria Rice cared for her unborn Tamir. She did everything right to make sure she had a full term healthy baby boy. It took nine months for her to carry this life in her body. It took less than two seconds for a Cleveland Community Police officer to take the life of a son from his mother–less than two seconds to change the life of an entire family and community. A beloved son for 12 years stolen in a blink of an eye.
The very same amount of time it takes to grow and nurture a life in a mother’s womb–we are still waiting to birth justice for a child whose life was taken by a police officer–a steward of service and safety.
How long should a mother wait for justice?
August 23, 2015 will mark the nine month anniversary of the death of Tamir Rice. Nine long months a mother in our community has been grieving the loss of her son–grieving the absence of accountability by our community’s stewards of justice.
Numerous times she has called on our community to stand with her family. Calling for two community police officers to be arrested and charged with the wreckless homicide of her son.
We know justice is possible in Cleveland, our city. Take in what has happened in Cincinnati with the officer who shot and killed @[null:@[null:@[null:@[null:#SamDebose]]]].
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty has not been a good steward of law and justice in our city. We want movement and answers now.
Join us August 23, 2015 at Cudell Recreation Center at 3:00 pm; As we remember Tamir Rice nine months after his death. We call on the Community of Cleveland, the mothers of children in Cleveland and our beloved youth in our city to remember a little boy named Tamir Rice, whose death has sparked a movement for end of police brutality and the beginning of community accountability here in Cleveland.
We do this because Tamir Rice’s Life Matters. Please bring your children– it is for them we fight.

8.17.15, 6 pm. Voting Rights Act. There will be a press conference today dealing with the response from the white house dealing with the voting rights act. We need to conform it’s language so the current sitting president doesn’t have to sign off every 25 years for African Americans be given the right to vote.
Black on Black Crime President Alfred E.Porter Jr. & Donna Walker Brown first drafted this letter and the official reply will be given at 5:45 PM on Monday at 1801 East Ninth Street outside the Fed Ex/Kinkos office, with special guest Charles Bibbs. This event was announced on Art McKoy’s College of Common Sense radio show as he was one of the first signers!
TO: Producers/Editors/Reporters
WHERE: 719 East 95 Street, Cleveland, Ohio
WHEN: Friday, 8.14.15, 6 pm
RE: Candlelight Vigil for Rhondalyn Wynn
Friends and family will gather to remember Rhondalyn Wynn who was allegedly viciously stabbed to death by her friend after an argument. Again, we there is a victim who will be buried, a perpetrator who will be sent to prison and another child who has lost a parent.
Join us as we gather with friends and family today to remember Ms. Wynn.

If you have any questions, please call Judy Martin at 990.0679(c) or Art McKoy at 253.4070(c).

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