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WHERE: Outside the Fed Ex/Kinkos office, 1801 East Ninth Street
WHEN: Monday, 8.17.15, 5:45 pm
RE: Voting Rights Act
There will be a press conference today dealing with the response from the white house dealing with the voting rights act. We need to conform it’s language so the current sitting president doesn’t have to sign off every 25 years for African Americans be given the right to vote.
Black on Black Crime President Alfred E.Porter Jr. & Donna Walker Brown first drafted this letter and the official reply will be given at 5:45 PM on Monday at 1801 East Ninth Street outside the Fed Ex/Kinkos office, with special guest Charles Bibbs. This event was announced on Art McKoy’s College of Common Sense radio show as he was one of the first signers!

For more details, call 216-804-7462.

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Alfred Porter, Jr. – President