Press Releases 1.1.15-2.28.15

1.13.15, 2 pm. MARCH/WALK FOR JUSTICE. Jalonte Johnson, the son of Sherita Johnson who was murdered in her car along with her unborn child, and three other souls, will lead a MARCH/WALK FOR JUSTICE on January 1, 2015 at 2 pm.
We will begin at East 79 Street and Wade Park. We will knock on all doors and pass out flyers asking for information to identify the heinous perpetrators of this massacre.
We will STOP at 1443 East 92 & Wade Park. Jalonte Johnson and other family members and friends will speak to the community, as well as all of Cleveland, asking for help to find out who killed most of his family. Who did it? Who were the monsters?
JOIN US. Help this young man find out who killed his mother, his brother, his unborn brother, his brother’s father.

My name is Jalonte Johnson — I have lost most of my family. I need your help in identifying the perpetrator of this horrific crime. I lost my mother, my brother, my unborn brother or sister. Please join us in a march on 1.1.15, at 2 pm, along Wade Park from East 79 to East 82. We will knock on doors. We will pass out flyers asking for information. We need your help. Thank you.
I am the oldest son of Sherita Johnson. My dearly beloved mother was brutally shot and murdered along with my unborn brother or sister, my younger brother and his father. My family should not have died like this. I miss them so much. My other sister was also shot. I am determined to find who killed my family. Who wounded my family.
That is why I stand here today even though the pain is so huge and so overbearing. Standing in front of this house on Christmas where it was once so joyful. I stand here today asking for your help.
Please join us on January 1, 2015, at 2 pm, as we being our walk and march along Wade Park. We will begin at East 79 Street at 2 pm. We will knock on doors. We will pass out flyers asking for information. We will stop at the house at 1443 East 92 Street where the massacre happened.
123.15, 7 pm. Candlelight Vigil for John Hebebrand (43).


The family of James Hebebrand will come together to share their love for John and to let everyone know they loved him.
The family is also devastated, confused and terrified. They want to know the truth of what happened. Was James shot twice in the back? Was James tasered four times? Did his mental problems affect the way he moved and/or reacted? His family members are constantly hearing the gun shots in their minds. In their minds, they keep see all the blood.
What happened? Why did it happen? They would like to know why.
Black lives matter. White lives matter. ALL LIVES MATTER.
Join his family and friends on this day for a peaceful candlelight vigil and rally as they try to get answers.
1.4.15, 7 pm. Candlelight Vigil for Charles Wilson (17). Family and friends will come together to remember their love for Charles Wilson who was only 17 years old when he was shot and killed three years ago. His family and friends will comfort each other in their continuing grief and pain.
When a person is killed, the anguish of family members and friends continues on. We are all family and we need to work together to heal the rage in our community. We definitely need to stop killing each other.
1.19.15, 6 pm. CPD Officer Loses Phone; Protestors Confronted. The Black Man’s Army and Black on Black Crime, Inc. will meet with the press and Police Chief Williams and the officer who lost his phone.
The BMA and BBCI were part of a massive demonstration that marched from Cudell Recreation Center, across the Detroit-Superior Bridge, headed downtown in a peaceful march and protest. As the demonstration moved forward, near the end of the bridge, the demonstrators were confronted about an officer losing his phone.
There was quite an uproar between the police and the protestors about the phone, which caused a stoppage of the protest, and at one point in time, the CPD tried to stop the protest from continuing to its destination. The demonstrators were peaceful, orderly, respectful and cooperative not knowing what the officers were talking about even as Chief Williams came forward to confront the protestors.
The BMA and BBCI will have a press conference at 6 pm at BBCI’s office, 14715 Euclid Avenue, to discuss important information dealing with this lost phone. We are inviting Chief Williams and Deputy Chief Drummond to talk about the phone issue. This is an important dialogue so we can try to resolve this issue.
1.28.15, Noon. Coward Robbing Women; Threatening the Women; Forcing them to Take Items of Their Clothing Off. The Black Man’s Army is stepping forward for the protection of our women. We will meet in the field next to the Marathon Gas Station at Noon on Wednesday, 1.28.15. We will then proceed to walk through the housing estate talking to those residing in the apartments, passing out flyers, asking questions, trying to get information on who this coward is who is robbing the women living in this area and then humiliating them.
We believe that there should be a lot of valuable information known by many that could lead us to the identity of this robber on a bike who likes to humiliate the women by further threatening them after robbing them and then making them remove items of clothing.
We are inviting all men to join us and help us begin protecting the women and their children by getting this cowardly perpetrator off the streets.
Join us at noon on Wednesday and walk with us throughout the neighborhood
2.3.15, 5 pm. Candlelight Vigil for William H. Burton, Jr. (30). Family and friends will meet this evening at 5 pm to remember William Burton who was recently murdered while out with friends. He leaves behind three children, two boys and one daughter. More children who have lost their father to the stupid, senseless, violence that is raging throughout the streets of Cleveland.
Mr. Burton was a loving person. Funny. Loved his children and family. And he was not involved in any gang despite any reports to the contrary. Mr. Burton is another member of our greater family who has been ruthlessly taken from us.
We will bring a list of the many bars and clubs where violence has occurred. This list is troubling. We will explain why some grass roots organizations consider these clubs and bars as the most dangerous places in our county for young people to patronize.
We will also take up a donation to try to help the family with the funeral expenses which will be given directly to the family at the vigil.
2.6.15, 7 pm. Candlelight Vigil for John D. Davis, Jr. (26). Family and friends will gather to remember John Darnell Davis, Jr. who was recently killed. Mr. Davis is also leaving behind a 7 year old son.
A fund has been set up at Fifth Third Bank, “John Darnell Davis Fundraiser,” to help the family with the cost of the burial.
How many vigils this past week? Too many! How many more after the coming weekend? I pray that there won’t be any. When will we stop this self hatred? Why so much rage? Questions we need to search for the answers too.
2.7.15, 11:30 am to 2 pm. Annual Flag Raising & Kick Off for Black History Month. The Underground Railroad, the Task Force for Community Mobilization, PEC, Black on Black Crime, Inc. and a host of other organizations will be present for the annual flag raising and kick off for Black History Month at Cleveland City Hall.
There will be a march from the Justice Center beginning at 11:30 am and ending at Cleveland City Hall where a program will begin on the steps of City Hall and then move inside for a program in the Rotunda with drummers, speakers and other performers.
Bring a dish to share (no pork please).
2.10.15, 10:30 am. Regan Jelks – Unfairly Charged. Regan Jelks, only 22, is in a fight for her life and is possibly facing a long prison term. Ms. Jelks was a passenger in a car. There was an accident. The police officer shot the driver. She pleaded for her life.
Some of the facts in this police shooting are blurry. One fact is not blurred and that is that Regan Jelks is innocent and is being falsely accused of murder. Taemarr Walker was shot and killed by a Warren, Ohio police officer following a car accident last October. Regan Jelks was unarmed and did not touch a gun. We’ve been told that this is not the first person killed by this officer.
Unfortunately, the Warren, Ohio Police Department has a history of excessive force charges, intimidation and harassment. Now an innocent young lady is being charged with murder. She does not have a criminal record. Not even parking tickets. She is a hard working college student and just wants to put this tragedy behind her and move on with her education and pursuit of a meaningful and successful future.
Even though Ms. Jelks witnessed five (5) bullets enter Taemar’s body, and got powder burns on her face as a result of the gun being fired so close to her and was showered with glass fragments from the shattered windshield, she prays for this nightmare to end.
The jury was selected on Monday and the unjustified trial will continue on Tuesday. The family welcomes the presence of the media. Will charges against Regan be dismissed so that justice will be served? Or will an unarmed young lady be charged with involuntary manslaughter?
2.11.15, 4 pm. Candlelight Vigil for Walter Lee Barfield (23), William Gonzalez (32) and Brandon White (31).

Remembering those shot
and those killed

A candlelight vigil will be held in front of the Chalk Linez Barber Shop. We are inviting everyone to come and join family, friends and the barber/beautician community as we remember those killed and those wounded.
As we uplift our family and friends during the gathering, we are also asking all barbers and beauticians who cannot join us on Wednesday to stop doing business at their establishments between 4 to 4:15 pm in memory of those killed or wounded.
We are also asking all barbers and beauticians to take a stand against the violence in our communities. We are asking all shops to display a black flag in their window as a symbol of our stand against violence and in honor of those who have been murdered, wounded or otherwise affected by the senseless violence rampaging throughout Greater Cleveland.
2.19.15, 5-7 pm. Annexation; Resignation of Mayor Norton; Finances; Etc.. The Citywide Democratic Club meeting is about East Cleveland, annexation and other issues.
At this meeting, Art McKoy, Gerald Strothers and other community leaders will also call for the resignation of Mayor Gary Norton.
We will explain why we are calling for the mayor’s resignation around 5:30 pm.
2.26.15, 2-4 pm. Speaker Min. Eric Muhammad. Black on Black Crime, Inc. (“BBCI”) is inviting everyone to come out on Thursday, 2.26.15, from 2-4 pm, to hear one of the most dynamic speakers of the day.
We are talking about Min. Eric Muhammad from Atlanta, Georgia. He will be giving a special and powerful message dealing with black on black crime, police brutality and murder, and other important issues.
You don’t want to miss what Min. Eric Muhammad has to say. Everyone is welcome. Come and join us.

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