Cold Cases – Need Information to Find the Murderers

Help us find the murderers of the people listed below so their families can know who killed their son or daughter. If you have any information regarding these unsolved murders, call Judy Martin at 990.0679(c), Art McKoy at 253.4070, Alvin Brooks at 832.7369 or Calvin Brooks at 849.1346. If Crimestoppers is offering a reward, please call them directly at 252.7463 so that a control number can be assigned to your information; you can remain anonymous. Information given to anyone other than Crimestoppers will not qualify for a reward from Crimestoppers.
If you have a cold case that you would like included, please send me the name, age, date of murder, approximate time, location and any other information that may be pertinent.


Michael Evans (33). Killed on 10.2.14 near East 123 & St. Clair. Last seen leaving Gas USA between East 123 & East 124 & St. Clair with two men and one female.
Charles “Butchie” Broughton (37): May 26, 2014. His body was left in a driveway in the 16900 block of Langley Avenue. Mr. Broughton’s car was found on Lakeshore Boulevard.
Stephen Halton (30): Killed 1.11.14 in the 15300 block of Lakeshore Boulevard in the early morning while on his way to work.
Reginald “RJ” Johnson (16): Murdered 12.20.13. Killed in parking lot behind Collinwood High School.
Robert Harris (18): Murdered 9.6.13. Mr. Harris was found in a car on Matherson on the west side.
Jerry A. Dent III: Murdered on 7.23.13 on Sylvia Avenue around 6 pm while sitting in his car.
John “Ponytail” Szakacs: Died 6.27.13- he was brutally beaten on or about May 16, 2013. He was left to die in his home for 3 days before he was able to call his family. All they heard was gurgling and the word “Help”. He died nearly 6 weeks later. Family and some friends believe his live in girlfriend is responsible.
Aliza Sherman: Stabbed 11 times. 3.24.13.
Sherwon Wanzo (18): Murdered, 4.15.12. Sherwon Wanzo was killed after leaving a party near Bosworth, Linnet and Thrush Avenues. A man fired a gun into the car that Sherwon was sitting.
Andrew Harris (32): Murdered, 3.12. Andrew Harris who was shot in his apartment at 13800 Terrace Road and was decomposing before anyone in the building noticed something was very wrong.
Steven Harte (41): Murdered, 11.19.11. Shot, left in house that was burned down in 2900 block of East 66 Street near Wren.
Harvey Lee Matthews, III. Murdered, 10.20.11.
Oscar McFadden (40): Murdered, 1.1.11. Murdered in a field on East 92 and Shipherd.. Contact Crimestoppers (up to $2,000 reward). Homicide Unit – Det. Melvin, Det. Griffin, 623.5464. We welcome any information – old or new.
Brittany Moir (24): Murdered, 12.09. Pushed from moving pickup truck at West 50 & Lorain Avenue in 2006; lived for three years in a vegetative state until dying in December of 2009.
Amir DeVaughn (29): Murdered, 5.8.09. Murdered in on or near East 120 & Princeton.
Joel T. Johnson (33): Murdered, 10.4.08. One year ago, Joel Johnson was attacked by people who came in four cars that surrounded him. He was in a coma for two months when it seemed like he was waking up, but, then he suddenly died. His family is still devastated and grieving. Even after one year, the family does not know the answer to who attacked and murdered Joel or why and they need help from the public to get this information.
Jason Cummings: Jason was shot on April 4, 2009 approximately 11:30 p.m. He was walking home from the First Pick Barber Shop where he worked. It was during this time that he was attacked by 4 young men. Two of them were more active participants to the robbery and his shooting. We cannot rest until we find the murderers.
If you have any information concerning this case please contact Det. Kathleen Carlin phone number (216) 623-6212.
Dennis Estes. Murdered 1.14.08. On Monday, 1.14.08, the body of Dennis Estes was found in a burned down garage. The Cleveland Fire Dept. responded to a call of a garage fire at 1941 Randall avenue at 7:20 am. Inside the garage, they found the body of a male. Mr. Estes died from a gun shot to the head. Investigators believe the fire was started to hide the crime of homicide.
J-Shawn Richardson (16): Murdered, shot 12.15.07 at around noon. J-Shawn and a friend were walking on Grantwood after leaving Cory Recreational Center, when they encountered someone who looked threatening. This person chased them to East 108 & Tacoma where J-Shawn was shot. It was later learned that the same person who killed J-Shawn had robbed another person just 10 minutes earlier.
Johnny Davis, Sr. (26). Murdered 10.9.07. Mr. Davis was shot while standing in front of 924 Ansel Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. The shooting occurred at 2:30 am on 10.9.07. Witnesses sate that person or persons unknown fired an AK-47 assault rifle in the direction of Mr. Davis from several houses away. Mr. Davis’ auto and several homes were peppered with bullets.
Grady Smith II (27): Murdered, shot 7.20.07, in his driveway at 3116 East 65 Street (near Roland) in Cleveland, Ohio.
Marvin Mixson (27): Murdered, shot 7.19.07, around 2-3 am, on East 139 Street, Cleveland, Ohio, near Lambert. He was walking home from Joe D’s Bar.
Tony Rice (17). Murdered, 7.14.07. Mr. Rice was found lying in the street at East 121 Street and Cromwell Avenue in Cleveland at 12:15 am. He was transported to Metro Health medical Center where he died 3 hours later. Mr. Rice was shot. Investigators believe that Mr. Rice may have been in an altercation at a party several hours earlier.
Olajuwon Hakeem Nkomo (20): Murdered, shot and killed on Memorial Day, 5.28.07, between 4-5 am. He left the area near the Mirage or Metropolitan Clubs, was followed and shot at while driving out of the Flats. He was found in his car near West 38 & Lorain, Cleveland, Ohio.
Christopher J. Billingsley (27): Murdered, shot and killed on 5.26.07, around 4:30 am. He was returning to his home in the Hedgewood Apartment Building in the 13100 block of Puritas Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. He was confronted by a robber wearing a mask covering his face except for his eyes, a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. Christopher died in the lobby of the apartment building.
Thornton, Joseph (18): Murdered, shot on 4.30.07, in the 1700 block of Hower Avenue in Cleveland.
Mitchell, Jermayne K. (27): Murdered, shot on 4.26.07, around 10 pm, on Knuth while walking home from the KFC on East 260 & Euclid.
Gregory Fitz (37). Murdered 4.14.07. Mr. Fitz was shot and killed on 4.14.07 at 4:30. Mr. Fitz and several others were in an auto stopped in the area of West 38 and Siam Court in Cleveland. Witnesses state that several unidentified black males approached the auto and shot Mr. Fitz. There are additional reward monies available for this crime.
Terrance Allen (13): Terrance was killed 3.30.07 in a driveby shooting in front of the strip shopping center at East 79 & Superior shortly after school let out.
Nathan R. Evans (33): Murdered, shot three times on 3.29.07, at 10 pm, on Holyoke (near Wendy’s) in East Cleveland, Ohio. Crime Stoppers has a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Mr. Evans’ killer.
Kyle R. Davis (20): Murdered, shot Sat., 2.11.07, around 7:30 pm, near the Citgo Gas Station at Libby Road & Northfield.
Ramundo Bibbs (21): Murdered, shot 1.7.07, around 10:30 pm, near East 143 & St. Clair while walking along the street, and died on 1.8.07 in the hospital.
Mitchell Perry (26): Murdered, stabbed 11.8.06, between midnight and 2 am. He was found at about 7:16 am in the backyard of the house at 17125 Scottsdale.
Terrence Wilkins (21): Murdered, shot 10.31.06. Mr. Wilkins was shot in the head while he was at 3450 East 113 Street, 2nd floor.
Marcus Barnes (19): Murdered, stabbed 10.11.06. Marcus was found staggering toward Red Walters with a single stab sound through the heart. He was taken to the Cleveland Clinic where he passed away at approximately 10:05 pm.
Ariel E. Gardner (22): Murdered, shot Sat., 5.21.06, around 3:00 am, while sitting in a car on Fuller Avenue near East 93 Street. He was driven to gas station across from 4th District at 93rd & Kinsman before help was called.
Wayne “Crack Baby” Patton: Mr. Patton was shot around 2:30 am on 4.10.06, in or near the parking lots between the Mirage and Metropolis clubs on Spruce in the Flats.
Nichole A. McKorkel: Murdered, 11.27.05.
Ronald “Mann” Gholston, Jr. (22): Mr. Gholston was shot and killed around 5 pm on 11.25.05, at East 144 and Kingsford (near Glendale) by one or two shooters.
Eligio Matthew Galarza (18): Mr. Galarza was killed on Monday, 9.12.05 around 7:30 pm in the front yard of 3312 West 98 Street between Almira School and Dennison. He was shot in the back of his head.
Merrill “Nick Kelley: Mr. Kelley was killed on 7.14.05 at Euclid and Grantham, found at 2 am and pronounced dead at 4:55 am. He was wounded on the left side with a shot gun.
Reggie Brown: Mr. Brown was killed shortly after midnight on 5.23.05 behind his house at 3351 Trowbridge. Two people were seen running away; no one has been identified.
Michael Jerome Carter: Murdered, 5.8.05, while he was parking his car in the Mid-City Parking Lot on East 38 & Perkins. He was meeting two friends when he was killed. There are no leads.
Trenton Holder: Mr. Holder was shot and killed early on Sunday morning, 5.1.05, near East 64 and Heisley (off Broadway).
David Lee Hightower. Murdered 3.31.05. Mr. Hightower was shot once in the head. He was found lying in front of 11721 Lenacrave Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Witnesses state that there were several shots fired from several cars on the street. There is no other information on suspects in this crime.
Delores Poage: Killed by a hit and run driver near East 43 and Woodland, near the bus stop, Friday evening, 2.11.05, between 10:30-11 pm. The car is described as a gray Ford Tempo or Thunderbird and has a damaged bumper and a broken windshield.
Tamara Griffin (38): Murdered, 7.22.04. Tamara was out with a “friend” the night before. Her body was found with stab wounds in front of a business at 888 East 70 Street around 6 am in the morning.
Willie Tipton: Murdered, 11.29.03. Killed near East 59 and Quincy where he was found around 11:40 pm on 11.29.03, after being beaten, robbed and shot. He died a short time later in the hospital.
Spencer C. Howard (26): Killed 12.24.03 outside the barber shop at 12602 Superior and was shot in the chest with a shotgun.
Shakira Johnson (11): Kidnapped on 9.13.03 in the area of East 106 & Union to Sandusky. Shakira’s body was found 10.15.03 in an area behind building on East 71 Street between Union and Aetna. Her body was found dismembered and put in black plastic garbage bags.
Anthony Hunt: Killed in or near the parking lot at East 77 and Woodland during 10.03.
Kirk L. White: Mr. White was shot on 8.10.03, at 2:30 am, in front of Scandal’s Tavern, 7114 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. The suspect was described as a black male, 20-30 years of age, 6’2″ tall and weighs approximately 250 lbs.
Aaron Carter (17): Hit and run vehicular homicide on road next to parking lot 6 Flags Hotel, 800 N. Aurora Road, Aurora, Ohio in Aurora between the hours of 10:30 pm and midnight on 6.7.03. Need information on a dark colored sedan.
Attilah Cleveland (26): Murdered on or about 5.25.03. Her body was left in Doan’s Creek.
Terryl “TJ” Henderson (18): Beaten and brutally murdered near a house on 98th and Anderson in 5.03.
Terry Sloan, Sr. (33): Two unknown men got in his truck that was parked behind Rocky’s Bar on Libby Road in Maple Hts. When he told them to get out, he was shot point blank and murdered on 1.17.03 around 11:45 pm.
Orlandes (aka “Chermont”) Jureall Brown Fair (19): Murdered on 12.23.02 at about 2:30 pm in the driveway at 11608 Ablewhite.
Jamil Alexander (24): Jamil was killed on Saturday, 11.30.02, at approximately 6:30 pm near East 102 and Sophia. His body was found near East 92 and Sophia.
Ricardo Lee: Murdered 9.12.02 near Noble and Euclid Avenue. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information about this murderer that leads to a conviction.
Ronald Miller: Murdered 9.6.02 on or near 1821 Denison Avenue after leaving Blue Grass Inn.
Frances Jones (62): Murdered 2.4.02 while entering her house through the side door in the early evening at 10605 Sandusky.
Jermaine Griffin (27): Murdered in the parking lot next to an apt. building at 14509 Milverton in 12.24.01, around 11:20 am.
Edwin Anderson (16): Murdered on 9.28.01 while walking home from East High School along Decker toward East 84 St.
Harun Frizzell (17): Killed near 4108 East 148 St. near Harvard for his tennis shoes and car on 8.20.01 around midnight.
Eric Stubbs (15): Killed at 3624 East 116 Street in 6.01.
Anthony Dwayne Davis (20): Murdered on the south side of East 89 and Hough in 2.01.
Damon Larry (19): Tortured and murdered in 9.99 in the Sam Miller Park by Charles H. Lake School.
Rashon Thomas (26): Murdered in 1998 at an apartment on Terrace Avenue.
Donny Walker (29): Killed in 1997 on Interstate 90 just west of the Eddy Road exit in Bratenahl around 9 pm.
William K. Thomas (29): Murdered, 1.8.97. Shot and died from two gunshot wounds to the back on January 8, 1997. Mr. Thomas was shot at one location and ran to a vacant lot on West 48 Street & Clinton Avenue where he collapsed.
5.31.96. Two rapes and a homicide. The crimes occurred in 1996-1997. Recent DNA advances link the two crimes. Perpetrator is described as a black male, 5’7”, 150 lbs. He has a large scar on his right cheek that almost touches the corner of his mouth. The crimes both took place in the area of East 93 & Union Avenue, a year apart. At the time, he was driving either a Regal or Monte Carlo, date in color.
Fred Edward Jones (31): Killed 5.14.96 while coming home from work and walking on Mayfair near the school shortly before midnight.
Farris Jackson, Jr. 2.14.96.
Mario D. Dowell (21): Murdered, 9.29.95, near East 55 & Utica around midnight after being lured from Smitty’s Bar.
Roscoe Bickerstaff, Jr.: Murdered, 9.20.94, shot five times on East 101 Street around 2:53 am by unknown person(s).
Diah Harris (16): Murdered and found on 4.28.90 on the ground behind the garage at 3786 East 146 Street, Cleveland, Ohio.
Jamella Davis (11).: Murdered, 11.7.85. Jamella took her younger brother to school at Anton Grdina Elementary School that morning and then walked back home where she was MURDERED. Did a vicious, horrendous, monstrous person follow her home? Was it someone she knew? Who was it? Is this same person still roaming the streets of the neighborhood or has he or she gone further afield to kill some more? It’s time for answers. NOW!!
Rene Johnson. Murdered, 3.11.85.
Joanne Wilkinson (21): Murdered, 1983, near East 89 & Chester.
Steve T. Yancy (27): Murdered, 8.5.79.
Joanne Booker: Murdered in 1975.
Carla Lynn Szakacs. Murdered, 6.21.75. She was shot on her way home from work. She worked at Weldon Tool on Woodhill Road and was shot on East 119th near Buckeye Road. She had received letters threatening her life.
Mae Frances aka “Tiny” Taylor (39): Murdered, 6.19.70, in home near East 136 & Ashburton. Ms. Taylor worked in the Prop Shaft Department at the Chevy Plant. Info is requested from anyone who knew Tiny in 1970 or from someone who might have gone by the name of CC or Howard.

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