Rally on Thursday 11.5.15 at 5 pm re Lead Poisoning


TO: Producers/Editors/Reporters
WHERE: CMHA, 8120 Kinsman (parking lot)
WHEN: Thursday, 11.5.15, 5 pm
RE: Lead Poisoning

The children are crying out. They are saying we don’t want to be poisoned by lead. We are begging the building inspectors, the health department, CMHA, all landlords, the City of Cleveland, the County of Cuyahoga and all of the doctors and nurses to stop our children from being poisoned by lead.
We are calling for Cong. Fudge to bring in federal funding to get the houses inspected and to provide assistance to the homeowners and/or the persons living in a lead infested house to clean it up.
We need the City of Cleveland and the County to hire more building inspectors.
We need the City of Cleveland and the County to expand its programs through the Health Department to treat children poisoned by lead.
We need federal/state/county funding to monitor and help all children affected by lead.
We need programs to help families of children who have been poisoned by lead.
We need to have all the pediatricians and other doctors test all of their young patients for lead as a part of a regular treatment program.
It’s way past time to act. Through the government’s (city, county, federal) inaction, how many children have trouble learning; how many children have trouble problem solving; how many children have emotional problems; how many children have physical problems; how many children have uncontrollable anger issues that may be one of the causes of the huge increase in homicides?
If you don’t believe us, read the recent informative, timely and great articles written by Rachel Dissell and others in recent issues of the Plain Dealer.
We need to begin to act now to save our children from lead poisoning and all of its side effects like constant illnesses and pain or death. It’s way past time for action.
Join us as we call for all government officials, government agencies, landlords, etc. to act responsibly.
If you have any questions, please call Judy Martin at 990.0679, Al Porter, Jr. at 804.7462 or Art McKoy at 253.4070.

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Alfred Porter, Jr. – President