Vigil/Balloon Release on Sat. at 4 pm for Christopher Kimble, Jr.


TO: Producers/Editors/Reporters
WHERE: Shell Station, Euclid & Superior
WHEN: Saturday, 11.7.15, 4 pm
RE: Balloon Release and Vigil for Christopher Kimble, Jr. (21)

Rally for Justice for Christopher Kimble, Jr.

A young man was tragically run over and killed by an East Cleveland police officer.
There will be a balloon launch in his name and for the first time, the mother will speak out about her feelings on tragedy of the death of her son. Family members, along with Survivors, BBBCI, BMA, are joining forces and demand justice.
We demand that Mayor Gary Norton, the EC police chief and the police officer who was driving the vehicle be held accountable because from the beginning of the accident, they tried to cover up, mislead and lie about the true circumstances involving this case. They said that the police car had insurance. They said that the policeman had his sirens and lights flashing when he approached and struck Christopher Kimble, Jr.
The facts that the city gave us were completely untrue which we already knew because of the eyewitnesses who made contrary reports. The truth has finally come out and been exposed. The lights and sirens were not on. The police car did not have insurance. In fact, one of the headlights on the police car was not working, which clearly indicates that there is no way that this young man could have seen this speeding police car approaching his location.
It was a tragedy and a miscarriage of justice the way the city represented this accident. We are calling for an independent review of this case and for Mayor Norton and the police chief to resign because this is not the first incident of there being unsafe vehicles on the street and them covering it up.
They want citizens to obey the law and if they don’t, they are penalized quickly and without recourse. So the city should be held responsible for the death of this young man.
Please join family and friends for this vigil and balloon release in remembrance of Christopher Kimble’s life that was cut drastically short.
If you have any questions, please call Judy Martin at 990.0679, Al Porter, Jr. at 804.7462 or Art McKoy at 253.4070.

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Alfred Porter, Jr. – President